Belgium Travel Guide – With Pictures

Belgium is a country full of tourists attractions, exciting year round festivals and astounding places to visit. Located between Holland and France the kingdom of Belgium offers plethora of exciting activities to indulge in. Be it the architectural wonders, verdant parks, quaint and narrow cobble stoned streets or its delicious fare, Belgium is so very thrilling a city. A romantic cruise with your partner in the canals of Bruges, , basking in the sun on the beaches of Oostende, an expedition on hunting diamonds in the region of Antwerp museum hopping in Brussels, checking out relics and local whatnots in the markets of Liege… fun in Belgium, never stops. And since each city in Belgium is excellently well connected with railway tracks, getting around is not a problem at all.

Best known for its chocolates, Belgium offers mouth- watering varieties of dark chocolates. Each year Belgium produces around 180,000 tones of chocolates and exports it’s all over the world. Any times that you visit Belgium do make sure that you do buy the renowned Belgium chocolates for your loved ones back home.

Whether you are visiting Belgium on a business trip or on a vacation tour, your needs and urges are well met by the Belgium Hotels. Offering pleasing services and amenities, Hotels in Belgium is ace in making its customers at ease.

In Belgium if there is something unpredictable, then it is the weather of the region. Extremely erratic, the weather is generally damp and cold. Summer is the ideal time to visit Belgium as the sun is out and the weather is warm. But be prepared to face the crowded road and buses as the months from May to September are peak tourist time. Finding cheap accommodation might as be of some problem.

Things to See and Places to Visit in Belgium

Menin Gate

The humungous Menin Gate or Meensestraat (as it is also called) has the names of 54,896 military personnel inscribed on it. This Gate is aide-memoire of the ugly battle of Ypres’ which killed many an innocent life and also deprived them of graves. The Mein Gate stands as a tribute to these martyred soldiers.

Grand Place

In the city center of the Brussels is located a city called the Grand Place. This splendid market square of the place takes you on a virtual tour to the ancient historic times of Belgium. Dotted with beautiful quaint houses and imposing colossal buildings the Grand Place is among the most beautiful towns of the world.

Brussels, Grand Place by Mishkabear.
Grand Place in Brussels at sunset by Mishkabear

Grand Place by Spigoo.
Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium. by Spigoo

Guild houses on the Grand Place, Brussels by WordRidden.

by WordRidden


Christmas in Grand Place in Brussels

Christmas in Grand Place in Brussels by Erik Cleves Kristensen.

Brussels Grand Place in the snow

Brussels Grand Place in the snow by matt512.

Cinquantenaire Museum

Showcasing artifacts and relics from around the globe, the Cinquantenaire Museum showcases wonders in the true sense of the word. The exhibits range from antique jewelry, vases and art collection among others. This museum gives you a quick peek a boo of history of many civilizations.

Drusus maior inv. A 1148 by Evil berry.
Posthumous portrait of Drusus maior (ca. 41-45, Rome (?), marble; Cinquantenaire Museum, Brussels, inv. A 1148; former L. Somzée collection, acquisition 1904). The colossal sculpture and idealized physiognomy suggest that this statue was erected by emperor Claudius in commemoration of his father. 


The castle of Gravensteen is located in the center of city Ghent. Also known as the Count’s Castle, this Gothic fort was once the domicile of the counts of Flanders dating back to 12th century. An awe inspiring structure, this building has been made into a museum that today exhibits sword and weapons that were used to persecute the hostages.

Gravensteen by austrini.

Sicily Travel Guide

Sicily has made an indelible mark on the European traveling scene. Is it because of the Volcano that is still burning, or is it because of the rich cultural heritage that the city carries? The European experience has been adorned by the Italian influence. The Greek domination has left such marks on the settlements around Rome and rest of Italy including Greece and Sicily that it has become next to impossible to miss it. The roman leftovers are grand enough to attract the historians as well as the tourists.

Sicily is one of the most sought after destinations in Italy. The tourism advantage that Sicily can give is just an added feature. The reason for this is that it is essentially a culturally charged city. The city has in itself treasured the exploits of the second Great War as well as the ancient historical facts that a significant part of world history. The city holds a distinct aura as differentiable as its language, which is a mixture of many nearby languages. The Mediterranean influence on the place can be felt by the cuisine that is served in its lavishly decorated restaurants.

Sicily holds a unique history that is flanked by the exploits and rule of many dynasties. The geographical location of the place gives a very wrong picture of it being part of the Italian rule. Though it is now a part of Italy but its origin and history is different from that of Italy. The main land of Sicily is separated from the Italian land and thus it finds many indigenous people living in it. How ever it has been a favorite of almost all the empires. The Carthage, the Greeks and the Normans fought over the land too much and it saw the changing the hands. Rome was finally the victor and they ruled it for a long time. Then in the late 19th century Italy took over the control. However the impact of mafia on the island is too much and large part of the land is still under its influence. The city also has the honor of perpetrating the mafia concept.

The Greek and the roman influence on the city can be seen by the architecture that is seen around the city. The enormous size of the cathedrals and platforms dazzles the mind of the visitors. The Sicilian backdrop has been used by many film makers and performers. The sheer grandeur of the roman and Greek constructions makes it one of the most sought after destination in southern Europe.

Mount Etna is one of the volcanoes that is still active apart from being the tallest in Europe. The rich thick forest cover around the Etna region is an added attraction to the tourists. Apart from the seldom traffic problems and delays in flights and trains, the city offers a vista of traveling experiences.

The city is easy to approach, as it is a part of most of eastern and southern European tours. The individual visit can also be a good idea. From romanticism of the mafia to the raw power of nature Sicily has it all.


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Attractions In Orlando Florida

Orlando is a beautiful place that has various features that are ever changing and ever growing. Orlando, Florida is regarded as one of the best tourist destinations in America. It has variety of attractions and has something to offer to everyone. Orlando is a shoppers delight and nature’s paradise.

One of the major tourist attractions in Orlando, Florida is the Walt Disney world Resort. This resort is so big that it can fit New York’s Manhattan twice. This resort covers an area of 47 Square miles. Walt Disney resort is one of the favorite spot for tourists from all over the world. Disney’s Magic World was opened in 1973 followed by Sea world Adventure Park. Later in 1990,Universal Studios arrived. Since then Disney land attracts more than 43 million visitors every year and become as the top rated tourist attraction in Orlando, Florida.

Another major attraction in Orlando, Florida is Disney luxury hotel, the Grand Floridian. It is famous for its stunning architecture. It is a beautiful Victorian building with red roofs, white clapboards and turned gingerbread. The impressive, five story entrance hall sparkles, and the guest rooms show off an efficient Victorian style of floral and bold stripes. Here, you can find a lot of water to arcade activities. Garden View Lounge holds the afternoon teas or you can go for tennis, beach volleyball or lawn croquet.

If you are an admirer of natural beauty, then Gatorland is a place to be in Orlando. Gatorland is a 110 acre theme park and wildlife preserve, uniting the Old Florida charisma with thrilling new exhibits and amusement. This park is one of the major tourist attractions of Orlando, Florida as it gives you a place to have fun with the whole family. It has a variety of alligators, crocodiles, aviary, educational wildlife programs, breeding marsh with observation tower, petting zoo, nature walk, gift shop and much more. It has the Florida’s best train ride and restaurant.

Another famous tourist attraction of Orlando Florida is Green Meadows Petting Farm. This is a favorite destination for kids. It holds a two hour tour that gives everyone an opportunity to touch chickens, pigs, donkeys, geese, ducks, turkeys and much more. The aim of this farm is to teach children as well as adults about farm animals. You can even milk a cow at this farm. There are number of pony rides, hayrides and also an express train ride. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of quite shady trees.

There is another tourist attraction in Orlando, Florida that has lately became as one of the favorite attractions among visitors. It is the newest adventure style miniature golf course is a lush Hawaiian oasis. Lava and fire comes out from a fifty feet volcano. Kids and families laugh and dance to the calypso beat. You can have fun with the spectacular palms shade, the fiercely running waterfalls and streams. There is Rumble Adventure Golf that has holes uniquely designed through logs, hills, waterfalls and tunnels.

Another tourist attraction in Orlando, Florida is Albin Polasek Museum. This museum features three galleries with paintings and sculptures by the internationally known Czech Sculptor Albin Polasek, as well as many antiquities from his compilations. This place is a treat for history lovers.

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Best Family Beaches in USA

Beaches have always been a hot favorite as vacation spots. When one needs an escape from their daily chores the gusting waters at the sea provide a perfect sight to sooth the senses. Nothing is more rejuvenating than the best of U.S. beaches. Among top rated beaches in U.S. is the Fort Desoto Park’s North Beach, St Petersburg, Florida. The beach is a natural treasure for the city and accounts for majority of popularity enjoyed by it. It offers excellent opportunity for variety water games including kayaking, canoeing, boating, fishing, swimming, biking, camping and bird watching. A specialist attraction of the place is a dog park that enables one to go touring with their animal partners. Another vital facility offered here is ample parking space that is an essential requirement for any beach to be successful and popular. Concerned officers and administrators, who work to educate public about environmental concerns of the sea, contribute to enhance popularity of the beach through planned management and smart projects.

St Petersburg, Florida

Sunset At St Petersburg, Florida

By:  Steve Webel

Golden Rays by kodiyan.
Fort Desoto Beach just before Sunset.  By:kodiyan



Ft. DeSoto, St. Petersburg, Florida  By: < Ad >

Ocracoke Islands, Outer Banks, North Carolina is another favorite beach for vacationers. Ocracoke Islands being surrounded by water on all sides is reachable only by air or water and is a part of Hyde County. Its banks spread to around 16 miles offering all possibilities for surfing, fishing and swimming. Many birds that migrate from water and land on the eastern flyway present exotic view for bird lovers.


by rewhitt

ocracoke island shore line by rewhitt.

One more beach adding to U.S. list of admired coastlines is Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii. The region offers excellent opportunities for high surfers and serves as a contest site for expert surfers. However there might even be dangerous waves at specific time spans. Both Amaama Road and Hee Road lead to Waioli Beach Park. Another popular coast is Hanauma Bay, on the island of Oahu that is essentially an underwater park.

Hanalei Bay by seany @ flickr.

Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii with sun rays by B Mully.

Hanalei Bay Hawaii - Green Water Meets Green Mountains by pbrewer1965.
As shot from the old pier at the end of the road on the East side of Hanalei. By pbrewer1965

Hanalei Bay in Kauai by PetersReviewsDotCom.
Here’s a view of the beautiful bay from the Princeville Hotel.  by PetersReviewsDotCom 

Florida boasts of having finest coastlines that spread around 1,100 miles. It has beaches to suit everyone’s taste. Shell Key, St. Pete Beach offers best birding opportunities with bird sanctuary spread more than half of the area. There is minimal concrete on the surface and consists of only natural beauties. Bahia Honda State Park is supreme tropical seashore revealing clear, gentle water. It serves as a tropical heaven on earth with swimming opportunities. Sebastian Inlet State Park at south of Melbourne Beach is excellent for surfing and is treated as capital of east coast. Another attraction of Florida’s beaches is that of South Walton famous for its soothing effects on feet. The gleaming sand on the beach provide exciting experience when walking bare foot. This is basically due to fact that this sand is composed mainly of pure quartz that has been brought down by Appalachian Mountains. The list of Florida’s superb coastlines extends to many other beaches but giving space to other seashores in U.S. are the following water bodies.

Massachusetts, Coast Guard Beach at Cape Cod is major swimming beach during summer season. The region has limited parking space and even that remains closed during summer days. Visitors to the place are taken to and fro by specific shuttle bus services provided at those days. The place is excellent for hiking opportunities.

Coast Guard Beach- Truro, Cape Cod by Chris Seufert.
Not to be confused with the other Coast Guard Beach in Eastham.  By:Chris Seufert

Greece Travel Guide

Traveling to any new country away from one’s homeland for a vacation is exciting and filled with fun and when the destination country is such as Greece the excitement and joy attached with it are limitless. Traveling throughout Greece has been a hot favorite amongst both the historians and modern day vacationers. Many of the cities in Greece like Athens, Crete, Macedonia and other Islands of Greece hardly need any introduction. They are the most famous cities of ancient times and offer limitless opportunities for a present day traveler.

The geographical location of many cities in Greece favor wide spread physical structures in those regions. People can find both mountains and seacoasts along side the main city region. This creates an exotic view for any traveler that they would long cherish even after their vacations. A trip to any city in Greece would prove the richness of ancient culture and architecture in this country. A walk around any city would reveal the magnificent historical remains and the museums throughout Greece carry the stories of rich cultural past.

Names such as those of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and many more all have their roots in the city of Athens in Greece. One of the most popular places in Greece is Athens which is a must visit region for any traveler here. It offers numerous options for sight seeing, visiting the most world famous museums and also a great shopping spree. Being a center for tourist visit the area also has various choices of hotels and eateries. All provide excellent services and things as suited to individual requirements.

Greece presents an amazing mix of ancient and modern culture. The archeological sites and latest modern structures all co-exist on the streets of Greece. Also there are immense food options available here. The recipes are mouthwatering and the delicacies served are an excellent blend of traditional food adapted to the modern eating habits. Restaurants in Greece are world famous for providing fabulous traditional dishes and hence it is also a paradise for food lovers.

Numerous islands here are a perfect place for water enthusiasts and the hotels offering rooms with an ocean view only make the place more attractive. Most places in Greece require some movement on foot to enjoy the best experience in these islands. The streets are narrow and vehicular traffic could cause congestion at those places hence vehicles are best avoided. Also an added attraction of the region is the lively nightlife that spreads through the entire region. Nightlife here is rampant and high in sprits offering another option for fun loving people.

As if the ancient views, exotic eateries and other reasons were not enough, being a home to many of the mountains and water bodies Greece also offers numerous facilities for water games and mountain hikes. Sea beaches along the islands are perfect time pass for visitors who can spend the day strolling through the fantastic views of the seashore. Rowing, rafting and boating are also common in this area. Hiking on mountains is an adventurous activity possible in Greece. Whatever be the taste of any traveler Greece has a reason for everyone to visit the country.