Belgium Travel Guide – With Pictures

Belgium is a country full of tourists attractions, exciting year round festivals and astounding places to visit. Located between Holland and France the kingdom of Belgium offers plethora of exciting activities to indulge in. Be it the architectural wonders, verdant parks, quaint and narrow cobble stoned streets or its delicious fare, Belgium is so very thrilling a city. A romantic cruise with your partner in the canals of Bruges, , basking in the sun on the beaches of Oostende, an expedition on hunting diamonds in the region of Antwerp museum hopping in Brussels, checking out relics and local whatnots in the markets of Liege… fun in Belgium, never stops. And since each city in Belgium is excellently well connected with railway tracks, getting around is not a problem at all.

Best known for its chocolates, Belgium offers mouth- watering varieties of dark chocolates. Each year Belgium produces around 180,000 tones of chocolates and exports it’s all over the world. Any times that you visit Belgium do make sure that you do buy the renowned Belgium chocolates for your loved ones back home.

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In Belgium if there is something unpredictable, then it is the weather of the region. Extremely erratic, the weather is generally damp and cold. Summer is the ideal time to visit Belgium as the sun is out and the weather is warm. But be prepared to face the crowded road and buses as the months from May to September are peak tourist time. Finding cheap accommodation might as be of some problem.

Things to See and Places to Visit in Belgium

Menin Gate

The humungous Menin Gate or Meensestraat (as it is also called) has the names of 54,896 military personnel inscribed on it. This Gate is aide-memoire of the ugly battle of Ypres’ which killed many an innocent life and also deprived them of graves. The Mein Gate stands as a tribute to these martyred soldiers.

Grand Place

In the city center of the Brussels is located a city called the Grand Place. This splendid market square of the place takes you on a virtual tour to the ancient historic times of Belgium. Dotted with beautiful quaint houses and imposing colossal buildings the Grand Place is among the most beautiful towns of the world.

Brussels, Grand Place by Mishkabear.
Grand Place in Brussels at sunset by Mishkabear

Grand Place by Spigoo.
Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium. by Spigoo

Guild houses on the Grand Place, Brussels by WordRidden.

by WordRidden


Christmas in Grand Place in Brussels

Christmas in Grand Place in Brussels by Erik Cleves Kristensen.

Brussels Grand Place in the snow

Brussels Grand Place in the snow by matt512.

Cinquantenaire Museum

Showcasing artifacts and relics from around the globe, the Cinquantenaire Museum showcases wonders in the true sense of the word. The exhibits range from antique jewelry, vases and art collection among others. This museum gives you a quick peek a boo of history of many civilizations.

Drusus maior inv. A 1148 by Evil berry.
Posthumous portrait of Drusus maior (ca. 41-45, Rome (?), marble; Cinquantenaire Museum, Brussels, inv. A 1148; former L. Somzée collection, acquisition 1904). The colossal sculpture and idealized physiognomy suggest that this statue was erected by emperor Claudius in commemoration of his father. 


The castle of Gravensteen is located in the center of city Ghent. Also known as the Count’s Castle, this Gothic fort was once the domicile of the counts of Flanders dating back to 12th century. An awe inspiring structure, this building has been made into a museum that today exhibits sword and weapons that were used to persecute the hostages.

Gravensteen by austrini.