Miami Travel Guide

They say that there are more pink flamingoes made in plastic then there are in reality. And where does one find the plastic ones the most? Miami. Welcome to Miami. Will smith sing all the way? They say that party never ends on the Miami beaches. Being on the southern most tip of America it enjoys the maritime climate. So very fit for the other wise cold country. The golden sands on Miami beaches attract millions and you find yourself among the most number of people if you decide to go in the fall. The year was 1895 when the Americans realized that to save the travelers from the intense cold they must move to the southern tip of Florida. And thus came up the biggest state of Florida- Miami.

Known for not only its beaches, it has the biggest of the universities. The city finds its Latin roots come handy when it comes to hospitality. It has finest hotels of whole America and the best beaches too. The American holiday cannot be defined with out the Miami factor. It has reached deep in to the Hollywood and the glory runs too deep. Even the hurricane and the shark threats do not falter the tourist’s faith and no body wants to miss the chance to go to Miami, Florida. The place has wonders in store for the gourmet. The food styles expand from the continental to the seafood extravagance. The effect of the Caribbean food is too extensively seen in the menu cards. The Cuban and the Latin food are also very famous in the city. Mangoes, coconut, rice, fish, crabs and oysters all form important ingredients in the food list.

The beaches give ample space and opportunity for the sports enthusiasts. The beach volleyball events as well as the water sports are found all over the place. The clubs and small set pups provide many options for people to enjoy. The Para-sailing is also picking up at a fast pace. The water scooter is very popular among the youngsters. For the not-so-sporty types the beach is full of serene places to bask in the sunny sands. The tan is lasting and the experience is magical. Apart from these the place is known for its football, baseball, hockey and basketball teams. Major players of these teams come from the universities.

The art and culture of Miami is one of its kinds and is rich with artifacts and regional styles. Apart from these the pop culture has come in a big way for the place by the infusion of many films and television feature shootings in and around the beaches. The regional art too is picking pace and the local museums and art galleries are encouraging the locals to show their talents. These art galleries too form an important part of the Miami travel schedule. The lively nightlife of the place is just electrifying and the people enjoy their lives out on the beaches in the nighttime. Sitting around slowing fires they have the time of their lives.

Nova Scotia Travel Guide

The international tourists might not know it but Nova Scotia is the fast up coming destination for the avid travelers. Located in the main land of Canada, it offers never-ending expanses of greenery and lots of water inlets to make it the ultimate fishing ground. Since 1604 when John Cabot found it out it has been a teeming ground for fresh water fishing. This fits well the Canadian social culture. During the 17th century the Scottish and the French businessmen traded here in fur. The Scottish influence is evident from the name it self which means ‘New Scotland’.

The tradition of the place is highly influenced by the sea and the place is studded with museums and galleries singing the lore of the seafaring individuals form the land. The feeling one gets there is nostalgic and it takes one back into the annals of ancient mariner lifestyles. The ton of beaches in the place and the scenic beauty is good enough to attract people from all around the world. The place has taken due advantage of its proximity to the sea. The surfers have actually set up, in the place, the host for the major surfing events of the world. The life saving competitions is also held along its coast lines and that has made the place a lot more popular then other coastal destinations.

As a mark of respect to the discoverer of the place, the longest travel around Nova Scotia is called the ‘Cabot trail’. The approximately 180 mile long tour of the city covers many parts and is a trip worth taking. The natural structures and the golf courses en route the trip are a pleasure watching. An amazing fact about the place is that it is because of this place that the telephone technology has developed. The place is the home land of Graham Bell. He invented the telephone.

The capital city of Halifax is the witness of the people dead in the Titanic Disaster in 1912. The bodies were brought to Halifax and the place has numerous cemeteries resting the victims of the disaster. Apart from having the historical account of almost half-a-century the city is a growing hub of modernization and an upcoming destination for development. With the advancement of Canada the place is getting much required attention.

One of the most fascinating things to see in Nova Scotia is the lighthouses around the place. Standing as the custodians of rich marine history, they stand tall to help the lone ships that loose their path in the confusing seas. The light houses provide an extraordinary sight and most tourists are attracted by them. To keep them in good shape an organisation to maintain them has also been formed. A customized tour is also designed to take the tourists to all the major lighthouses. The tour is almost along the coast line and offers much thrill to the visitors.

The cultural influence of the French and the Scottish is evident around the place. A delicate balance between the two existed for a long time and keeping in view the rich heritage and the growth prospects it is no more there. Thus Nova Scotia is truly an out of the world experience to the tourists.


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Best Surf Destiantions

The wind comes brushing through the hair, the surfs are up and you are at the verge of the never-ending expense of the pacific. The great American dream is incomplete probably without the great exploits of the sea. The sea never needs the coast guard to be glorified in the USA; it is in fact the integral part of people’s lives in almost half of Americas. Now where in America can find that definitive beach, is an odd question to ask, because hardly can there be only one answer to this. From the east to the west coast the sea god has bestowed North America with probably the best beach line in the world. The extended beaches in the island countries around the American continent are also perfect places to get the tan and the surf.

Hawaii is one of the most traveled beach destination of the world. It attracts tourists due to its never ending coastlines and the secret beaches, which are so exotic that it can be called the heaven on earth. The expanse of the Ho’okipa Beach is approximately 8.4 square miles! Now that is huge!! Americans and people from around the globe visit Hawaii and bask in the golden sands of this beach. The augmented facilities on such beach resorts make it a traveler’s paradise.

The beaches are filled with activities and adventure sports. Surfing has found a new definition here in Hawaii. The surfers hit the waves early in the morning and are welcomes by the froth of the virgin seas. They take the surfers up and down and just jostle them in their vast embrace. It’s no wonder that sipping in the summer sun is one of the most pleasurable pass times. The experience at the American beaches is so fulfilling that many have made this their philosophy.

Malibu finds its name among the top beaches of America. The beach offers vivid activities ranging from surfing, parasailing and gliding. Having all these present at the same spot has made beaches the choicest destination for the holiday goers. Also the beaches of America are host to the best surfing competitions of the world. The Aloha Classic is held every year to choose the ablest rider of the American waves. The competitions are covered by almost all sports media and this has boosted the popularity of the beaches around the globe. But the American water lines are the best in many ways.

There are many adventure opportunities these beaches have to give. But the sea is not an easy customer to trade with. The waves can at times be too dangerous and too big. The surfers find it very difficult and sometimes fatal to venture into rough seas. The US cost guards as well as the local life guards can be seen posted at ever beach. This gives the tourists and the people a carefree atmosphere to surf and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Experiences like tsunami may have reduced the number of sea going people but this has in no way reduced enthusiasm that drives America. sea is still the favorite toy to play with

Sicily Travel Guide

Sicily has made an indelible mark on the European traveling scene. Is it because of the Volcano that is still burning, or is it because of the rich cultural heritage that the city carries? The European experience has been adorned by the Italian influence. The Greek domination has left such marks on the settlements around Rome and rest of Italy including Greece and Sicily that it has become next to impossible to miss it. The roman leftovers are grand enough to attract the historians as well as the tourists.

Sicily is one of the most sought after destinations in Italy. The tourism advantage that Sicily can give is just an added feature. The reason for this is that it is essentially a culturally charged city. The city has in itself treasured the exploits of the second Great War as well as the ancient historical facts that a significant part of world history. The city holds a distinct aura as differentiable as its language, which is a mixture of many nearby languages. The Mediterranean influence on the place can be felt by the cuisine that is served in its lavishly decorated restaurants.

Sicily holds a unique history that is flanked by the exploits and rule of many dynasties. The geographical location of the place gives a very wrong picture of it being part of the Italian rule. Though it is now a part of Italy but its origin and history is different from that of Italy. The main land of Sicily is separated from the Italian land and thus it finds many indigenous people living in it. How ever it has been a favorite of almost all the empires. The Carthage, the Greeks and the Normans fought over the land too much and it saw the changing the hands. Rome was finally the victor and they ruled it for a long time. Then in the late 19th century Italy took over the control. However the impact of mafia on the island is too much and large part of the land is still under its influence. The city also has the honor of perpetrating the mafia concept.

The Greek and the roman influence on the city can be seen by the architecture that is seen around the city. The enormous size of the cathedrals and platforms dazzles the mind of the visitors. The Sicilian backdrop has been used by many film makers and performers. The sheer grandeur of the roman and Greek constructions makes it one of the most sought after destination in southern Europe.

Mount Etna is one of the volcanoes that is still active apart from being the tallest in Europe. The rich thick forest cover around the Etna region is an added attraction to the tourists. Apart from the seldom traffic problems and delays in flights and trains, the city offers a vista of traveling experiences.

The city is easy to approach, as it is a part of most of eastern and southern European tours. The individual visit can also be a good idea. From romanticism of the mafia to the raw power of nature Sicily has it all.


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Attractions In Orlando Florida

Orlando is a beautiful place that has various features that are ever changing and ever growing. Orlando, Florida is regarded as one of the best tourist destinations in America. It has variety of attractions and has something to offer to everyone. Orlando is a shoppers delight and nature’s paradise.

One of the major tourist attractions in Orlando, Florida is the Walt Disney world Resort. This resort is so big that it can fit New York’s Manhattan twice. This resort covers an area of 47 Square miles. Walt Disney resort is one of the favorite spot for tourists from all over the world. Disney’s Magic World was opened in 1973 followed by Sea world Adventure Park. Later in 1990,Universal Studios arrived. Since then Disney land attracts more than 43 million visitors every year and become as the top rated tourist attraction in Orlando, Florida.

Another major attraction in Orlando, Florida is Disney luxury hotel, the Grand Floridian. It is famous for its stunning architecture. It is a beautiful Victorian building with red roofs, white clapboards and turned gingerbread. The impressive, five story entrance hall sparkles, and the guest rooms show off an efficient Victorian style of floral and bold stripes. Here, you can find a lot of water to arcade activities. Garden View Lounge holds the afternoon teas or you can go for tennis, beach volleyball or lawn croquet.

If you are an admirer of natural beauty, then Gatorland is a place to be in Orlando. Gatorland is a 110 acre theme park and wildlife preserve, uniting the Old Florida charisma with thrilling new exhibits and amusement. This park is one of the major tourist attractions of Orlando, Florida as it gives you a place to have fun with the whole family. It has a variety of alligators, crocodiles, aviary, educational wildlife programs, breeding marsh with observation tower, petting zoo, nature walk, gift shop and much more. It has the Florida’s best train ride and restaurant.

Another famous tourist attraction of Orlando Florida is Green Meadows Petting Farm. This is a favorite destination for kids. It holds a two hour tour that gives everyone an opportunity to touch chickens, pigs, donkeys, geese, ducks, turkeys and much more. The aim of this farm is to teach children as well as adults about farm animals. You can even milk a cow at this farm. There are number of pony rides, hayrides and also an express train ride. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of quite shady trees.

There is another tourist attraction in Orlando, Florida that has lately became as one of the favorite attractions among visitors. It is the newest adventure style miniature golf course is a lush Hawaiian oasis. Lava and fire comes out from a fifty feet volcano. Kids and families laugh and dance to the calypso beat. You can have fun with the spectacular palms shade, the fiercely running waterfalls and streams. There is Rumble Adventure Golf that has holes uniquely designed through logs, hills, waterfalls and tunnels.

Another tourist attraction in Orlando, Florida is Albin Polasek Museum. This museum features three galleries with paintings and sculptures by the internationally known Czech Sculptor Albin Polasek, as well as many antiquities from his compilations. This place is a treat for history lovers.

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Agra Travel Guide

INTRODUCTION: Agra, famously known as the city of the Taj, ushers tourists from all over the world with its aura of love that dates back to the era of the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan. It harbours the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world (now also a part of the newly declared seven wonders), and many other significant tourist attractions.The precise geographical location of the city is on the banks of the river Yamuna in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. This beautiful city is at a distance of about 201 km from New Delhi, the capital city of India. As boundaries, Agra has Mathura on the north, Dhaulpur on the south,  Firozabad on the east, Fatehabad on the south-east and Bharatpur on the west. The intricate architectural design of the mausoleums, the forts and the palaces bear testimony to the affluence of the powerful Mughals, who made Agra their capital in the 16th  and the early 17th centuries. The reputed legacy of inlay work on marble and soapstone is continued by craftsmen who are descendants of those who were occupied under the Mughals. As recorded by the UNESCO, there are three world heritage sites in this city, namely, the Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. The magnificent view of the Taj, the symbol of eternal love, is an experience to cherish for a lifetime! 



HISTORY:  A city with such rich heritage sites as the Taj Mahal is bound to have a rich history. Popular belief goes that Sultan Sikandar Lodi, the Ruler of Delhi Sultanate established this city in the year 1504. After the demise of Sikandar Lodi, his son Sultan Ibrahim Lodi succeeded him. He continued ruling his Sultanate from Agra till the year 1526, when he was overpowered by Babur  in the First battle of Panipat. The city, flourished under the Mughal rule and was the capital city of three successive Mughal emperors,  Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan till 1649, when Emperor Shah Jahan moved his capital to Shahjahanabad, for more efficient administration. Then known as Akbarabad, this city was embellished by the Mughals with beautiful constructions. Babar, the forefather of the Mughal reign established the first Persian garden on the banks of river Yamuna, which is known as Aram Bagh or the Garden of Relaxation. Akbar, the most powerful of the Mughal emperors patronised the development of  arts, commerce and religion in Akbarabad besides constructing the great Red Fort and establishing the city of  Fatehpur Sikri (a city near the suburbs of Akbarabad). Akbar’s son Jahangir, a lover of plants and wildlife, decorated the Red Fort with many gardens. But the city of Akbarabad or Agra got its most awe inspiring edifice, the Taj Mahal, from  Shah Jahan, the emperor who was known to be a connoisseur in architecture. This magnificent monument was built in the memory of Shahjahan’s beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, and is also her  mausoleum. Shah Jahan afterwards moved his capital to Delhi. However, his son Aurangzeb again made Akbarabad his capital and locked up his father Shahjahan in the Fort there. In the year 1653, Aurangzeb moved his capital to Aurangabad in the Deccan. With the gradual decline of the Mughal Empire, the Marathas and the Jats took possession of the city and named it Agra. Finally in 1803, the city was occupied by the British and was under their control till India got her independence.


HOW TO REACH:  Reaching Agra is not a very arduous task. The city has a good network of railways and roads through which it is connected to other cities (including Delhi, from which it is 200 km apart) and tourist spots. Other railway stations include the Agra Fort railway station close to the Agra Fort and the Raja Ki Mandi railway station in the center of the city. The main railway route is from Delhi to Agra. Apart from the regular trains, a deluxe train named the ‘Palace on Wheels’ has been introduced exclusively for the tourists which has Agra as one of its destinations. Moreover the tourists can also avail of bus service from New Delhi to Agra. One can also travel by bus from Jaipur via National Highway 11, from Gwalior via National Highway 3 and from Kanpur via National Highway 2. For taking a tour of the city, taxis and rickshaws are always at your service.   


ACCOMMODATION: The city of the Taj provides comfortable accomodation to every traveller according to his means. Some of the populat five star hotels include the Jaypee Palace Hotel, the Welcomegroup Mughal Sheraton, Hotel Amar Vilas, Hotel the Trident, Hotel Clarks Shiraz, Hotel Agra Ashok and Hotel Taj View. The main four star hotels are Howard Park Plaza International and Hotel Holiday Inn while Hotel Amar, Hotel Deedar E taj, Athithi Hotel, Mansingh Palace, Grand Hotel and Hotel Kant are the chief three star hotels.              




PLACES TO VISIT:  There are a variety of tourist spots in Agra to enthrall the tourists. The most famous and striking among them is the Taj Mahal, which has withstood the ravages of time to stand firm as the symbol of eternal love. Completed in the year 1653, it is in fact the final abode of Shahjahan’s beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal. This beautiful monument is the result of years of hard work put in by Mughal artisans (the chief architect was Ustad Isa) under the patronisation of Shahjahan. The Taj Mahal appears like a mirage from the Agra Fort, the place where Shahjahan spent the final eight years of his life imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb. This chimerical effect is brought about by skillful application of  lime, brick and white marble. As one enters through the main gate one comes across the verses of the Holy Koran (the religious book of the Muslims) and 22 small domes. The number 22 is suggestive of the number of years it took the artisans to build the monument. The entire structure, embellished by exquisite stones, lies on a marble platform which in turn is built on a sandstone platform. The tomb of Mumtaz Mahal as well as that of Shahjahan (erected after his death by his son  Aurangzeb, next to Mumtaz Mahal’s tomb) lies benath the most graceful dome of the Taj. Each minute detail of this magnificent marble edifice, from the minarets to the beautifully laid garden adorned by the fountains is as harmonious as the melody of love. This man made beauty juxtaposes perfectly with the beauty of the ever-changing sky to provide a fantastic view.       Another attraction is the Agra Fort, which is semi-circular in shape and lies on the right bank of the river Yamuna. The Mughal Emperor Akbar started the building of the Agra Fort in the year 1565. However, structures were incorporated until the reign of  his grandson Shah Jahan. One of the exquisite features of this fort is its double wall made up of red sandstone (which gives it the name Red Fort). The external wall rises to a height of about 40 feet while the inner wall has a height of 70 feet. A wide and  deep moat encircles the fort. The fort constitutes battlements with towers and bastions at calculated intervals. Two of the bastions, onlooking the river Yamuna, are known as the Shah Burj and the Bengali Burj. There are four gateways, namely the  Delhi Gate on the western side, which constitutes the chief entrance to the fort, the Amar Singh Gate or Akbar Darwazah on the southern part (nowadays, visitors enter the fort through this gate), the Jal Darwazah or Water Gate, a gate exclusively meant for the women  and the fourth gateway facing the northeastern side. Various structures within the Agra fort include the Akbari Mahal, the Anguri Bagh, the Diwan-i-am, the Diwan-e-khas, the Jehangiri Mahal, the Khas Mahal, the Machchhi Bhawan, the Mayura Mandapa, the Mina Masjid, the Moti Masjid, the Musamman Buri, the Nagina Masjid and the Shish Mahal. Each structure is beautifully carved to serve its respective purpose.  Then there is the Sikandra, the mausoleum of emperor Akbar started by Akbar himself, and was completed by Jahangir in the year 1613. The architectural style perfectly blends Hindu, Islamic, Christian, Buddhist and Jain design and themes and is an apt manifestation of Akbar’s religious broadmindedness. The entire building is a five storeyed truncated pyramid while the chief tomb has a square shape. It comprises of delicately carved three-storeyed red sandstone minarets. The ground floor is traversed by many airy passages. The southern part has a vestibule, richly adorned with carvings and paintings. The other tombs in this enclosure include those of  Shakrul Nisha Begum and Aram Bano, the daughters of Akbar.        Itmad-ud-Daulah, another tourist attraction in Agra, is actually a tomb constructed by  Nur Jehan, the queen of Mughal Emperor Jehangir, for her father  Mirza Shiyath Beg. When Jehangir married Noorjahan, her father came to hold the position of the Prime Minister of the Empire and acquired the title of  ‘Itimad-ud-Daulah’, which literally means ‘Treasurer of the Empire’. The characteristic marble work of this tomb was later to be used by Shahjahan in building the Taj Mahal. The unique feature of this tomb is that it is shaped like a silver jewel box.     Close to Agra is the city of Fatehpur Sikri. This beautiful city was built by Akbar to express his gratitude to the saint Sheikh Salim Chishti when his (Akbar’s) son was born. The artistic marble tomb of  Sheikh Salim Chishti in this city attracts numerous tourists and devotees who come here to be blessed by the saint.       Another tourist spot, the Radhaswami Samadhi, is the official centre of the followers of the Radhaswami religion. This holy place, where the ashes of the forefather of the Radhaswami religion lie, has a temple with exquisite stone carvings of different flora.         The Chinni Ka Rauza is the tomb of Mulla Shukrullah Shirazi, who was a renowned poet (wrote poetry under the nom de plume of ‘Allami’) as well as the Prime Minister of Mughal emperor Shahjahan. This tomb was built by Afzal Khan, an administrator belonging to the court of Shahjahan. The structure which incorporates glazed tiles is a perfect manifestation of Persian artistic excellence.       One can also visit the Jama Masjid,  built in the year 1648, by Jehanera Begum, the daughter of Shahjahan, in order to commemorate Shiekh Salim Chistti and his grand son Islam Khan. This building, with an open courtyard, reflects the use of Iranian architectural patterns.    Then there is Mariyam’s tomb, built by Jehangir for his mother who was the Rajput queen of Akbar. Akbar gave her the name of Mariyam Zamani, which means ‘compassionate to the world’.  The tomb is built of red sandstone in the characteristic Mughal architectural style. Apart from all these, other monuments in the city of Agra include the Battis Khambah, the Chhatri Rani Hada, Hessing’s tomb, Humayun’s mosque, Sarai Nurjahan, the tomb of Itibar Khan, the tomb of Salabat Khan and the like.   There are also many other religious places, namely the Kailash temple, the Mankameshwar temple,  the Balkeshwar temple, the Prithvinath temple, the Rajeshwar temple, the Guru kr Tal Gurudwara,  the Baptist Church, the Catholic Church and the Digambar Jain Mandir. Agra also provides scope for excursions to other tourist spots outside the city, like Bateshwar, Keetham Lake,  Mathura, Vrindavan, the Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur, the Patna Bird sanctuary etc.


FESTIVALS:  The city of Agra is a festive place with many fairs and festivals held throughout the year.  The most popular among these is the Taj Mahotsav, which paints the entire city in colours of joy. It involves a ten day long celebration in the month of February of the glorious tradition of Uttar Pradesh’s culture, crafts, arts, cuisine, dance and  music. The celebration venue is Shilpagram, almost close to the Taj Mahal. The festival starts with a procession reflecting the Mughal grandeur. It seems as if the era of magnificence established by the Mughals has been brought back to life again. Another significant fairs include the Kailash fair, the Sheetla fair, the Bateshwar fair, Urs and Ram Barat.


HANDICRAFTS: As if all these tourist attractions are not enough, the city produces exclusive handicraft works such as Zari Zardozi,  Strone carving and Inley work as well as carpets with various types of decorations and leather shoes. To add a feather to the cap there are two Padam Shree Award winners for handicrafts,  Mr. Sekh Samruddin and Shri Hari Kishan Badal. The monuments, the festivals, the handicrafts, everything combine to make Agra, a perfect blend of culture, heritage and harmony, which finds its ultimate personification in the Taj Mahal. 

Dubai Accomodation

Apartments on rent in Dubai, can be considered as place of accommodation on rent as divided into Dubai apartments, Dubai Hotel Apartments, Dubai Beach Apartments and Villas as short term residential pieces as an affordable and valuable alternative to the expensive and over occupied Dubai Hotel.

An Apartment Hotel works on the pattern of hotel style booking system same to renting an apartment, where there would not be fixed contracts and occupants can ‘check-out’ whenever they wish. Apartment hotels are very comfortable type of residential accommodation that is mixture of a hotel room and apartment that are offered to a visitor to stay for a varied period of length for stay for a few days to months or even years. In price, these apartments happened to be far cheaper in cost from hotels and are facilitated with all the services that a house requires.

Generally, these hotel apartments are situated at prime locations with panoramic view of the cities where they are. These apartments are provided with all the modern day facilities of a hotel like broadband connection & interactive TV, servicing and integrated kitchen and bathroom and other which are expected to be in a luxury home. Apart from hotel apartments there two other types of apartments are famous in Dubai; Studio Apartment and Serviced Apartment.

A studio apartment happened to be a bachelor apartment up to the area of 800 square feet making a small apartment that includes living room, bed room, and kitchen into a single unit. Where as a serviced apartments are type of furnished, self contained apartment that are designed for short term stay and are less expensive than the hotel rooms. Due to the boom in cheap International travel, the number of serviced apartments has rose in considerable number on the context of hotels for short stays.

After the discovery of Oil and recent boom in reality sector and tax free shopping and with occupancy rate of 83% Dubai has developed into the one of the premier tourist centers of the world that has further helped hotel and reality sector to grow in Dubai. According to range as for the purpose of accommodation there is wide choice for a tourist to reside in Dubai for a shorter period of time. There are hotel or hotel apartments, villas and apartments which are the latest option for a tourist to stay in Dubai.

Villas in Dubai is other cheaper option to stay is Dubai if you have intention of staying in Dubai for a longer period to time with a larger group of people or seeking more flexibility and privacy. Dubai Marina is a very famous place for Villas with a cosmopolitan culture and unique refreshing lifestyle. The other cozy alternative to stay in Dubai for a shorter period of time is Dubai Beach Apartment.

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