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Fort Myers Travel Guide

Fort Myers is an ideal destination if you want to just put your feet up and take it easy, laze around with some of the most beautiful beaches and resort hotels in the world around you. It is also a wonderful place to be in, if you are an active person. There are plenty of […]

Cocoa Beach Travel Guide

It is known as the typical beach town offering endless means to relax and enjoy. Cocoa Beach is situated on a barrier island in Central East Coast of Florida and it is six miles long and one mile wide. The weather of the Cocoa beach is mild and it is one of the features that […]

Clearwater Beach Travel Guide

On the west coast of Florida are the Clearwater and its Island beaches. These are the most popular holiday destinations of the state and are in Pinellas County. The climate is perfect for holidaymakers and the Clearwater is considerably calm, quiet and inexpensive as compared to other famous locations. Clearwater offers something for everyone ranging […]

Delray Beach Travel Guide

Delray Beach is situated at Palm Beach County of Florida and it lies on the Atlantic Ocean. It is known as one of the best resort towns worldwide. With sandy coastline of over two miles, around one million people visit the Delray Municipal Beach and Atlantic Dunes Park, south end of the Delray Beach. Imagelink: […]

How to Nurse a Sick Dog

Every dog owner should know and understand the importance of the nursing their dog when they are sick. Just like humans, dogs also need the love and affection of someone when they are sick. This love and care should most importantly be given to the by his owner. The owners should understand that it is […]

Daytona Beach Travel Guide

Daytona Beach lies in Volusia County of Florida. It has been a place loved by vacationers for over a century. It is the only beach in the world that allows motorized vehicles. Imagelink: The first hotel in the area was built by Matthias Day in 1874 and he named it Palmetto House. Many other […]

Yoga Asana – The Scorpion Posture

This is a fairly difficult yoga posture but like all the yoga postures, scorpion posture also has loads of benefits. This posture is called scorpion posture because when performed fully, the shape of the body of the performer looks like that of a scorpion which is ready to sting someone. The Sanskrit name of this […]

Types of Yoga Which Can Help You Lose Weight

Today, yoga has become a way of life. It is seen as a great way to keep our mind and body fit. Yoga has many postures and techniques which have been specially developed to benefit various parts of our body. Many studies have shown that practicing yoga regularly makes us feel better and healthier. Yoga […]

How to Introduce a New Puppy to Your Other Pets

The process of bringing a new puppy at home and introducing him to the other pets should be handled very carefully. Following are six steps which should be followed while introducing your pets with the new puppy – 1. Always feed the other animals in the house before you bring the new puppy in your […]

Yoga Asana – The Turned Side-Angle Posture

This is a fairly easy posture of yoga that will not require a lot of practice to master. The Sanskrit name for this posture is Parivritta-parshvakona-asana. This means revolved at an angle where parivritta stands for revolved or turned back, parsva stands for side and kona is Sanskrit for angle. The turned side angle is […]

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