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The Jewelry or Watch clasp

The jewelry or watch clasp is used for connecting and bringing both ends of a watch or jewelry together. The jewelry and watch clasp has become very handy these days. Most of the popular jewelry or watch brands are making use of clasps. The clasp comes in various diameters and sizes making them very attractive […]

History and Types of Bracelets

Bracelet is a kind of jewelry that is worn round the hand wrists. Bracelets can be made up of different types of metals, wood shells and even plastic, cloth, leather or hemp. The word “bracelet” has originated from the Latin word ‘brachile’ which means ‘of the arm’. The word has been derived from an old […]

Designer Aviator Sunglasses Have Been in the in Style Even Since Its Launch Latterly

Something in world of fashion never change due to its immense popularity. In fact, designer aviator sunglasses lately have been as popular as they were during its launch. In addition to the comfort they offer, these shades give an extremely stylish look and can also used for just about any occasion. If you are a […]

How to Retain the Shine and Sparkle in your jewellery

With very simple techniques you can keep your diamonds fire and brilliance as the first day you bought them. The key to a diamond’s magic is its sparkle and fire. Lotions, soap and natural skin oils however can reduce the brilliance of a diamond by leaving a film on the surface. It only takes a […]

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