The Jewelry or Watch clasp

The jewelry or watch clasp is used for connecting and bringing both ends of a watch or jewelry together. The jewelry and watch clasp has become very handy these days. Most of the popular jewelry or watch brands are making use of clasps. The clasp comes in various diameters and sizes making them very attractive in appearance.

Lobster claw clasps: As the very name says, lobster claw clasps have a look quite alike the front claws of a lobster. A lobster claw clasp, whether it is used in gold plated necklaces or a stainless steel bracelet or some sterling silver necklaces, comprise of a minute spring set used in a unique mechanism. The standard lobster claw clasps characterize a circular ring fitted to the end of the chain in a bracelet or a necklace.

Swivel clasp: The swivel clasp provides you with high “degree of freedom”. The bead wires in the swivel clasp are attached at the bottom that enables it to rotate freely. The body of the swivel clasp attaches at the bottom of the designer inspired necklace extension or ring. The swivel clasp enhances the comfort of the jewelry you are wearing.

Torpedo Clasp: The torpedo clasp has a smooth finish and design. The low profile look of the torpedo clasp, gives the accessories a traditional as well as a contemporary design. The torpedo clasp has strong holding capacity that increases the strength and durability of your jewelry. The torpedo clasp can be made use of in silver sterling necklace or silver sterling bracelets.

Magnetic Clasp: Magnetic clasp is the first choice for it is improved with grip and dexterity. The Magnetic clasp helps you to fasten your silver sterling bracelets or gold plated bracelets. Your designer inspired necklaces can be easily fastened with Magnetic clasp. The Magnetic clasp in the stainless steel chains or gold plated necklaces have magnetic fastening.

Fish Hook Clasp: The fish hook clasps used in sterling silver necklaces and gold plated bracelets are known for their safety mechanisms. It is quite safe to wear sterling silver necklaces round your neck if it has a fish hook clasp. The fish kook clasp is two sided with designs on both of its sides. The elegant yet simple design of the gold plated necklaces guarantees you a second look.

Tube Clasp: The tube clasp used in designer inspired necklace is used for securing, opening and closing the necklaces. Tube claps are available in silver, gold or plated metals.

Toggle Clasp: Toggle clasp in silver necklaces and gold plated bracelets is used widely to enhance its security. Toggle clasp comes in different shapes and sizes.

Hook and Eye S Clasp: The hook and eye s clasp used in sterling silver necklaces and sterling silver bracelets are known for its holding capacity. The hook and eye s clasp is available silver and gold plate finishes.

Spring ring clasp: The subdued appearance of the spring ring clasp is used to secure the two ends of gold plated bracelets and designer inspired necklaces.

Buckle clasp: Buckle clasp of different configurations and styles is used in watches and belts. Buckle is the strap where as the clasp is linked to the metal watch bracelet. This allows the watch to fit round the hand.

Hidden clasp: Gold plated bracelets and watches claps are completely hidden clasp. The ends of the gold plated bracelets and watches are connected to the free ends of the legs.

Push-button hidden clasp: Push button hidden clasp is used in gold plated bracelets and designer inspired necklaces for both men and women. The Push button hidden clasp is also used for male and female member also. The female clasp consists of a hollow housing along with the locking member connected to the housing side ably. The member locking slides among the second unlocked position and the first locked position.

Folding clasp with safety: The Folding clasp with safety used in watches is well known for its security mechanisms. You need not worry about the safety when your designer inspired necklaces, sterling silver bracelets have Folding clasp on them.

Buckle: The buckle accessories like bracelets and necklaces come in elegant classic and contemporary designs. The buckle jewelries with diamonds and stones studded on them makes them simple yet elegant.

Hook buckle: The hook buckle sterling silver necklaces and designer inspired bracelets are studded with lustrous rhinestones. These hook buckles can be used to join the two ends of the gold plated necklaces and bracelets. This premium quality, high design accessories are extremely elegant, contemporary and fashionable.

History and Types of Bracelets

Bracelet is a kind of jewelry that is worn round the hand wrists. Bracelets can be made up of different types of metals, wood shells and even plastic, cloth, leather or hemp. The word “bracelet” has originated from the Latin word ‘brachile’ which means ‘of the arm’. The word has been derived from an old French word ‘barcel’.

Types of bracelets: There are different kinds of bracelets and they are as follows:

There are bracelets that are made out of multi colored beads. Such bracelets are commonly found in south western part of American Indian jewelry tradition. These bracelets have turquoise predominantly studded on them. There may also be bracelets made out of different kinds of gemstones and metals. There are bracelets made out of wooden beads that are believed to bring in goodness and charm.

There are functional types of bangles that are used for both adornments and as a hanger for hanging things from it. During the late 80s and early 90s, the “slap bracelets” were very popular. These bracelets were flat and covered with felt metal strips, which was supposed to be worn around one’s wrist. The “slap bracelets” are not very costly. These bear elaborate designs on them along with neon colors.

Bangle: Bangle bracelet or bangle is made out of some solid metal. The bangle can have smooth texture or stones studded on it. A cluster of such bangles are worn to enable easy hand movements. Arm movements create beautiful sound of a wind chime. There may be different kinds of bangles like Square bangle, Zig-zag bangle, Studded bangle, and Beaded bangle.

Sports bracelets have been popularized by Lance Armstrong and Nike in the year 2004, through the yellow colored Livestrong wristband. These silicon bracelets made out of colored silicone rubber, were used for generating awareness and in charitable organizations. The sports bracelets are known by various names such as “baller bands”, “baller id bands” and “wristbands”.

Tennis: Symmetrical diamond patters are found on diamond bracelets and these are called tennis bracelets. The words number 1 women tennis player, Chris Evert, who also won the 18 Grand Slam singles titles, was wearing a diamond bracelet. The in line thin diamond bracelet, creation of George Bedewi, broke accidentally and the match came to an abrupt halt, when she can picked up the precious diamond stones. This incident sparked off the name “tennis bracelet” and it became a jewelry trend.

Toggle: The toggle designer inspired bracelets also have silver and other precious metals finely crafted on them. There are some women bracelets that have small turquoise stones crafted on them. The twisted patters or self controlled series of ridges makes the sterling silver bracelets and gold plated bracelets more attractive. Your looks and personality will simply accentuate with these toggle bracelets. The juxtaposition of stones, carvings and silver work, enhances its elegance and charm. The excellent craft and silver work in your toggle bracelets, guarantees a second look. The 925 sterling silver bracelets ensure very high quality.

Charm: The charm designer inspired bracelets are worn around the wrists. The charm gold plated bracelets or sterling silver bracelet is believed to bring in good luck and charm. The Italian charm bracelets have become trend setters. The traditional bracelets dangle, but the Italian charm bracelets are worn in singular pieces that are attached on the surfaces.

Cuff: The cuff designer inspired bracelets are available in different shapes and sizes. These multicolored sterling solver bracelet or gold plated bracelets are a blend of experience and creativity. You can choose from the wide range of bright and alluring color combination of cuff designer inspired bracelets. Each of the cuff bracelets are expressions of impeccable craftsmanship.

Mesh: The mesh gold plated bracelets or designer inspired bracelets instantly add to the chic glamour. When worn with a black dress or skinny leather trousers, it adds to your style statement. Persian influences on the mesh sterling silver bracelets add a sense of class and style.

Stretchable: The stretchable bracelets as the name suggests are extremely flexible and can fit into wrist sizes of any kind. The stretchable woman bracelets are becoming very popular among the college goers. These are extremely pocket-friendly, the high school students and college goers can easily afford stretchable bracelets by saving bits of their pocket money.

Link: The authentic link gold plated bracelets are replica of pre Columbian era. The designer inspired gold plated link bracelets are a blend of elegance charm and sophistication.

Chain: The sterling silver chain bracelets made out of silver are extremely eye catching. The lasting shine and Mexican design of these chain bracelets can be gifted to your special someone.

ID/Message: The ID/Message bracelets can be gold plated silver bracelet or made out of silver sterling. These bracelets have personalized messages carved on them. You can get your name curved on it, or you may also gift it to your loved one’s, curving the message you wish to deliver through the ID/Message bracelet.

Designer Aviator Sunglasses Have Been in the in Style Even Since Its Launch Latterly

Something in world of fashion never change due to its immense popularity. In fact, designer aviator sunglasses lately have been as popular as they were during its launch. In addition to the comfort they offer, these shades give an extremely stylish look and can also used for just about any occasion. If you are a beginner looking forward to buy your first pair of aviator shades, then the following guidelines will prove to be very useful indeed.

It is always recommended to purchase a pair of brand sunglasses only, as they are the only ones which will serve its purpose, brands like Ray Ban and Oakley are among the top brand names today. They may come with a quite hefty price tag, but nevertheless it is worth its salt as you are assured to get the best quality of eyewear. Checking out some Online shopping sites and even auction sites can result in a good amount of bargaining. To further assist your choice, you may want to try out as many pairs of shades you can.

Beware! There are a number of cheap brands out there in the market selling the exact replica of a brand model using low-quality materials, so better keep off such local brands. A simple method which can help you buy a particular style of shades of a branded and an expensive pair of sunglasses is to save a small amount of money every month. All the more – these designer eyewear can be used for a number of years as they never sun out of the fashion.

The benefit of getting a pair of stylish pair of branded sunglasses lies in the fact that they can truly shield your eyes from the dangerous rays of the sun. Additionally, off-late designer sunglasses have become a fashion statement, so not only do they protect you eyes, but also gives you a cool trendy and stylish looks. More recently, a number of celebrities have been spotted sporting these types of shades in movies, live performance and even just on the streets.

Start being fashionable using these aviator sunglasses which have been largely popular ever since their initial creation in the mid 1930’s. Fascinatingly, people from all the age groups seem to be fancied using these shades. Just make sure that you are dealing only with a reputed seller. Also don’t forget to check out online shopping sites to get the best deal. To top it all off – designer sunglasses are always fashionable.

How to Retain the Shine and Sparkle in your jewellery

With very simple techniques you can keep your diamonds fire and brilliance as the first day you bought them. The key to a diamond’s magic is its sparkle and fire. Lotions, soap and natural skin oils however can reduce the brilliance of a diamond by leaving a film on the surface. It only takes a few minutes to clean a diamond.

Here are 3 cleaning methods:

1) Detergent Bath
Place a mild liquid detergent in a small bowl of warm water. Then, brush the diamond with a small soft brush (a toothbrush will do) and rinse under running water.

2) Cold Water Soak
Soak the jewelry for 30 minutes in a 50/50 solution of cold water and household ammonia. Remove and gently tap the front and back of the mounting with a small, soft brush. Dip the jewelry in the solution again and drain on tissue paper

3) Quick Dip Method
Use any brand name liquid jewelry cleaner and follow instructions on label.

Even when diamonds and precious jewelry are tucked away, they need special care. Jewelry should be kept in a fabric-lined jewel case or a box with compartments or dividers. If placed in one box, each piece should be wrapped in tissue paper, because a diamond can scratch and damage another diamond. Though most women wear a diamond ring twenty-four hours a day, there are occasions when it should be removed. Do not wear a diamond ring while doing rough work. Although a diamond is durable, it can be chipped by a very hard blow.