Advantages of Using Article Marketing

The importance of using article marketing to get your website business off the ground should never be underestimated. Article marketing is a highly effective and usually free way of advertising your website. This is because article marketing gives you back links and the more back links you have to your website, the higher your PR will rise in the search engines.

As well as keywords, back links are just as important when it comes to search engine optimisation. The more links across the web that you have back to your website, the more frequently you will appear in the search engine results, making more visitors to your website, which means more potential customers.

Article marketing is completely free to get started with. It is also very easy although it can be time consuming and frustrating at times. How many articles you should write to your website to market it is entirely dependent on you but ideally, you can never have too many.

The best thing to do is get into a routine of regularly writing and publishing articles, say for example a dozen a week. You probably won’t have to do this much, but as stated before, you can never do too many. The article should only be about 300 to 500 words in length. You don’t need to go beyond this then you shouldn’t go beneath the 300 mark either.

The this can be extremely effective simply because you have what is called a resource box. The resource box is a box of text including a link back to your website which should be automatically affixed to any article that you write and get published. This is the most important part of your article and what ultimately get people to click on it and visit your website.

It should go without saying that your articles that you write should be relevant entirely to the niche that you are trying to market. Do not try to market a website with a completely different topic with the marketing articles. Also, you do need to offer some useful information as these articles are essentially teasers which you get the reader to visit your website. When the reader clicks the link, then you have been successful.

To begin, you need to sign up to a few popular article directories and staff regularly submitting articles. You will find the most popular ones in the top lists the search engine results. If however, you are really serious about search engine optimisation, then it can be highly profitable to use a unique article wizard program which submit your articles to hundreds of different directories automatically, but it does cost money.



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