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Eco-Friendly Gift Options for Christmas!

Going ‘green’ is the need of the hour and nowadays people have started acknowledging this fact. As the festive season is round the corner, many have opted to spread the holiday merriment the Eco-friendly way. Are you one of those?
Well, if not… Here is an article to help you choose from a wide range of extravagant gifts that would put a smile on to your loved ones face as well as support the environment in many ways. Ready for a change this year? Read on…

Option 1: Incense sticks-

A season of joy and cheer await you, a gathering of close family and friends look forward to embrace you. So, why not elevate the entire festive spirit by gifting organic incense sticks to your beloved kin? Fill their homes with the aroma of raw nature this Christmas by giving them a basket of incense sticks varying from Ayurvedic incense, deity incense, healing incense, incense powder blends and incense holders and accessories to place these celestial aromas. Aromatherapy products work as great gifts to live up to the spirit of Christmas.

Option 2: Gift Kits-

Spread the festive joy and gift your family a kit of soothing fragrances to ensure their lives are filled with scents of love. This Christmas, fill their hearts with the joy and relaxation of rejuvenating sweetness. Opt for a gift basket full of aromatherapy candles, essential oils and other diffusers that could help calm themselves from the unbalanced and chaotic routine life puts one through.

Option 3: Tea & Dinner Sets-

It’s Christmas and everyone is bound to have guests pouring in and out. So, why not opt for a ceramic tea and dinner set, which is hand crafted with loads of love and care. Without a doubt, these sets make a very unique and beautiful gift, especially on Christmas Eve! Don’t you think so?

Option 4: Vedic Homeware-

Scanning through organic, Eco-friendly gift options could lead you into a rather confused state of mind. Therefore, keep yourself away from the clutter and make your loved one’s day by presenting them with a rare yet ethnic Vedic home ware artifact. Introduce them too to the world of pure and natural living by gifting them something as thoughtful as an authentic Vedic Homeware.

Option 5: Baby Bamboo Wear-

Every family get together is incomplete without toddlers crawling around the place. So, why leave the little ones out? Gift the apple of your eye, a comforting and soft organic bamboo clothing, which is a ‘must have’ in the list of baby care products you plan to shop for this season. This will keep them cozy, warm and away from the harsh chemicals that could affect their tender skin.

People of all ages love the idea of getting presents, especially during the joyful days of Christmas! Be your family’s Eco-friendly Santa this year by purchasing only organic and green gifts this festive season.


An introduction to a Weight Loss Patch

Inactivity, fast food, stress and sedentary lifestyles have lead to many people suffering from obesity. And with obesity leading to many health problems like diabetes, stress, hypertension, joint problems and other diseases, many people aim to fight obesity with weight loss tactics. Though exercise and diet are the fundamentals of weight loss, there are today many products marketed for weight loss purposes like weight loss diet plans, diet pills, weight loss patch, etc.

It is usually people who have tried all forms of exercise and diet programs, to no avail who turn to weight loss patches to lose weight. This is because the weight loss patch is a newly designed product that helps you lose weight effectively. These patches are found in the market under names like Diet Patch and Slim Form Patch.

There are some people who are rather apprehensive on using these weight loss patches, because of the ingredients that have been used in these patches. However the manufacturers of these weight loss patches guarantee that the ingredients used in making these patches are natural and can be used confident that they help them lose weight and cause no harm to the health of the individual using the weight loss patch.

With the weight loss patches being made of 100% natural ingredients, they are safe to use and help you lose weight effectively. Moreover weight loss patches are easy to use, making it easier for you to lose weight. This is because these weight loss patches burn fats in your body effectively. So when using weight loss patches, there is no need of skipping meals or of following any crash diet.

So when using weight loss patches, there is no need of you quitting your daily dietary schedule. This makes it easier for you to complete the daily dietary requirements of your body, while maintaining a balanced meal during the course of the patch therapy. This is because when using weight loss patches, the substances of the patch get absorbed through the skin.

With this, the substances enter the blood stream, and reach the different organ systems of the body. So with the active ingredient in the body, the cells use them effectively to promote weight loss while enhancing your health and well being. These weight loss patches are available in the market as 30 piece packages, thus ensuring you a month’s supply of weight loss patches. This means that the weight loss patch has to be worn only once a day.

So it can be said that weight loss patches have created a revolution in the weight loss industry by helping lots of people reduce weight effectively, with no disruption in their lifestyle routines. The largest benefit of weight loss patches is that they don’t affect your health in any way, and can be used safely, without any hassles. Moreover, with weight loss patches being affordable, you are rid from effects of different diet programs existing in the market today.

Things to consider before starting a weight loss diet

There are many weight loss diets and programs in the market today that help an obese person lose weight. There are different types of weight loss program that cater to the different types of people trying to lose weight and their daily activities. These weight loss problems usually include information about nutrition, meal plans and food but seldom provides information on the different aspects of lifestyle and weight loss.


However it is important to address some aspects of lifestyle and weight loss before you actually try to lose weight as you never do know when the best program fails. The first thing you have to assess is your current eating habits. You have to decide, and state if you eat at desk, in the car or in the bus. Determine what you eat in such situations, and if you will be compatible with new food choices.


You have to determine if you reedy to eat differently from others when at social functions. Remember that social gatherings follow with eating, and it is up to you to determine whether can adjust yourself to control yourself when faced to eating foods which are not compatible with your lifestyle.


Sometimes, when following a weight loss program, it is important that you determine id you can change your home environment to suit the weight loss program. Sometimes you may choose to eat a meal mindfully and leisurely. However with the chaos, noise and mess around you, you find it difficult to find even a place to sit down during your weight loss program. You have to think of solutions to solve such situations.


You then have to assess your current habits and find out if your leisure activities comprise eating junk food. Think of the consequence if and when you start a diet that rules out junk food completely. Think of what you will do in such a situation and whether you can and will change your food habits. Decide if you will be able to find some other comfort food as a compromise.


If you are a regular at eating in restaurants, you have to decide about the restaurants you visit. Decide if these restaurants will cater to your new eating style and whether you are ready to leave food on the plate, if you find that the portion that you are served is too big for the diet you are following.


If you intend to follow a diet, decide if your kitchen is fit for the new eating habit and diet. You have to determine if you have the necessary tools for creating foods you will be eating on your diet. Determine if you have sufficient fridge and freezer space to store food, and the necessary containers to save this food in.


The main point you have to think about is if you can really adjust to the new eating habits of the weight loss program. If is only if you are ready to accept the new weight loss program both food wise and activity wise should you consider joining, or starting the new weight loss program.

Weight Loss by Improving Your Body Metabolism

The body metabolism is very much responsible and effective in helping with weight loss. The higher is the metabolism rate, the faster weight is lost. This is why many people look for pills and potions that help boost metabolism. However this is not at all possible as there are no such pills and potions that boost metabolism.

Of course, it is important and necessary to have an increased metabolism rate to lose weight. In fact, many people are overweight because their basal metabolic rate is lower than normal. With a lower metabolic rate, these people tend to burn fewer calories in a day, and over months, this accumulates into fat.

However it is great to know that it is possible to increase your metabolism to make your body burn more calories in a span of 24 hours in a day, even when sleeping. There is a method, called the ‘Super Boost’ that helps you increase your body metabolism. However this method is not advised for people who only talk about losing weight, and never put any effort to lose weight.

Neither is this method of weight loss suggested to those who put minimal effort to lose weight. It is the person who is very serious about weight loss and health that benefits the most from this program. This is a program where its frequency and duration of exercise has to be gradually increased. And like any other weight loss program it is important that you speak to your doctor before making any changes in your eating and exercise habits.

This program needs you to do some form of aerobic exercise like walking, jogging, aerobic dancing for about half an hour to an hour everyday in the morning. With daily exercise, you find that your metabolism tends to rise tremendously. In addition to this, you have to do another fifteen to thirty minutes of aerobic exercise in the evening for about five days a week.

Though some people do this before dinner to stir up an appetite, it is also possible to do it after dinner. You could add some variety in the type of exercise you do so that you don’t get bored with the exercise. It is better to do your exercise while having some intervals in between them. This is because intervals in an aerobic session help in boosting your metabolic rate.

In addition to this, tone your muscles with weight training about six days a week as toned muscles really charge your metabolism. It is better to do this after an aerobic exercise session. Different parts of the body have to be exercised thrice a week. This can be done in a gym or at home with a pair of dumbbells.

Skipping breakfast is no way to lose weight as once you miss breakfast, your body thinks you are fasting, and slows down your metabolism. You need food, especially carbohydrates to fuel your metabolism. And the last point to improve your body metabolism lies in looking for situations to be active like taking the steps than using an elevator, raking instead of blowing, etc. All this helps in boosting your body metabolism.


Count Your Way to Weight Loss

Whatever food you eat has its individual calorie count; the heavier a food is, like chocolates and cakes, the higher is the calorie count. Foods like raw vegetables and fruits have a lower calorie count. In addition to this, any physical activity that you do helps you burn calories in your body. So if you learn to manage your calorie intake and burning, you can learn to lose weight.

To estimate your caloric needs, you have to use a formula called the Harris Benedict principle to assess your body metabolic rate, or BMR. The BMR of your body is basically the amount of energy your body requires for normal functions. About 60% of the calories you consume is used for your body functions like breathing. Your BMR is dependent on your sex, age, height and weight.

To lose weight, you have to consume fewer calories than your BMR, or at least burn extra calories. This formula applies only for adults, and it is men who require a higher calorie intake for their daily activities. However once you reach your BMR, you have to incorporate activity to your daily calorie needs to find out how much you really need for your daily activity needs.

Sedentary people have to add 20% of their BMR to their daily calorie needs while those who are lightly active 30% of the BMR. Those exercising most days of a week add 40% of the BMR while those on intense exercise on a daily period add 50% of their BMR. Those who do hard labor or are in athletic training have to add 60% of their BMR to the BMR to find out the amount of calories that can be consumed everyday. Once you lose weight, you can re-calculate the formula to find out the new BMR.

It is easy to lose weight by reducing your calorie intake a bit at a time as 3,500 pounds make a pound. So on reducing 500 calories a day; you can lose a pound a week. This is best achieved by reducing 250 calories, and burning an extra 250 calories a day. This weight loss will vary from week to week, where you may also gain weight when developing muscle which weighs more than fat. Remember that it is the long-term results that you are worried about, and not immediate results which is best achieved by losing 0.5 to 2 pounds a week.

On reviewing your daily diet, you can cut off on these 250 calories without feeling the pinch; like the can of soda you drink and the butter on toast. Check out the calorie content of food you eat on the internet or any calorie count book. Keep a record of your calorie intake, and if you take double servings, mention this in your food journal. You can then decide which food you can eliminate, reduce or switch to low calorie alternatives to experience weight loss. Add some physical exercise to your daily routine like walking, swimming and cycling and you will soon see yourself reducing weight.


Easy Tips to Help You Lose Weight

To many obese people, losing weight seems to be a long process that is more tortuous than beneficial. However if you follow some of these tips where you don’t need to put too much of an effort in losing weight, you find that losing weight is not as bad or difficult as was once envisioned.

The most important thing to remember is to never go shopping for food when you are hungry. This is because you only end up adding unwanted junk food to your shopping cart when you shop when hungry. This then reaches your home, and pretty soon, your stomach. So if you plan to go shopping for food, make sure that you eat something so that you can exercise some self restraint when you come across junk food.

If you plan to lose weight, never keep snack foods in the house. Many people tend to buy snacks on the pretext that it is for kids or for the spouse. Remember that most of the food that we shouldn’t eat, but eat is eaten out of impulse. It is rather difficult to resist an impulse to eat food; however it becomes even more difficult if the food you should not eat is right under your nose.

Eating off smaller plates is a tip many people laugh at. However this is a very effective tip as you tend to eat depending on the visual clues you receive when looking at the food that you eat. Humans are visually oriented creatures, and we usually eat while deciding how large an object is when compared to other things. So when serving food, the food served on the plate is compared to the size of the plate.

Another important tip for weight loss is to know yourself. This means that everyone has their own weaknesses in food. You have to find out what your weak point is, and think of ways of coping with these weaknesses. You can find the answer to your weak point by finding out which cues and triggers tend to set you on an eating spree. Once you find out which cues and triggers set you off your diet track, you have to devise steps to avoid these triggers whenever possible.

The best thing would be to make a list of the things that set you eating, and the reactions you have to this matter. You then have to create a column stating how you intend to deal with this trigger. For example if you find that talking to a friend of yours tend to make you irritated, and this in turn makes you eat food, then it is better to eat a meal before telephoning this friend. Of course, avoiding calling such people would be a better remedy; but if this is not possible, make sure you talk to them on a full stomach. You could also consider taking a long walk to de-stress yourself after talking to them.

Keep all these tips to lose weight in mind, and pretty soon, you are sure to reach your ideal weight without actually feeling any torture or irritation with your food habits

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Top 5 Natural Skin Care Tips

Today’s materialistic world has made us believe that there is no inexpensive way of getting simple, natural beauty. Most of the women resort to make up as it is a quick fix to look beautiful. Make up can make you look beautiful, but also keep in mind that it harms your skin with prolonged usage. However, make up is no comparison for natural beauty. We’ve listed a few tips that can give you the natural radiance and glowing skin when you follow it regularly. Interested to know how? Read on:

1. Eat healthy– Get used to consuming only healthy foods as opposed to its unhealthy equivalent. Start keeping a tab on your intake of calories, fat, and sugar; each of which show up evidently on your appearance. You should also try to start avoiding junk, oily foods such as chips, pizzas, cookies and cakes.

2. Hydrate your system– Your system needs a regular cleansing with the one and only natural liquid-water. Make sure to drink plenty of water to help flush away the toxins; further giving your skin the natural glow. You could also opt to quit caffeinated drinks such as coffee and aerated drink drinks to help reduce its direct effect on your precious skin.

3. Moisturize your skin– Your skin needs to be moisturized to look healthy, soft and supple. Moisturizing should be a part of your daily skin care regime because it helps keep your skin healthy and beautiful even as you grow older. Go for a natural moisturizer that is devoid of harmful chemicals.

4. Sleep well– Each one of us knows the importance of sufficient sleep, however, do you know that your sleeping pattern shows up on your skin? Well, it is a fact! Sleep for a minimum of six to eight hours a day to help make your skin appear flawless and fresh.

5. Use natural products– The pollution we expose our skin on a daily basis has an intense effect on its natural health and glow. That’s when the need to use beauty products strikes. However, refrain from using the chemical laden products and opt for something natural. You should pick natural skin care products that are made out of organic supplements. Nonetheless, it is always good to know everything about organic skin care products before purchasing a product for yourself.

Believe in the fact that natural beauty is real beauty and the tips we’ve mentioned will help you look beautiful naturally. So, what’s the wait for? Unmask the real you and pamper your skin with a healthy diet, some positive reinforcement in lifestyle and pure ayurvedic skin care products to help give you the skin of your dreams.

How to Fight High Blood Pressure by natural ways

The modern lifestyle is very hectic and stressful. There is no time to de-stress and this has resulted in an increasing number of people suffering from high blood pressure. It can cause a number of health problems, including heart attacks, migraine and paralysis. There are many over the counter medications to fight this ailment, but they usually have long-term side effects, which are detrimental to your health. The best way is to go natural all the way. It is a safer and healthier option to artificial medication.
Four natural ways to fight high blood pressure:

1. Aromatherapy

Did you know your senses can aid in balancing your blood pressure? Yes,aromatherapy brings in the serene sense of peace and relaxation to calm your body and mind. This automatically regulates your blood pressure keeping it at normal levels. Essential oils, which are organic in nature and composition, give out a sense of pleasure when you inhale them. Restore your sense of peace with aromatherapy.

2. Portable rollers

Many a times you may face a severe headache,for which, you would look out for a quick fix solution. In such situations, a portable roller comes in handy. These rollers contain concentrated solutions of essential oils and other herbs which, when inhaled, can calm you immediately. Unlike other medical rollers, it is not addictive and does not have any side effects. The calming effect lowers your blood pressure immediately.

3. Bath oils

Instead of taking a normal bath, pamper yourself with essential bath oils. These may be in the form of lavender oils and essential salts. They give you the best relaxing experience, especially, if you are overworked and stressed out mentally. Taking a bath in such a relaxing atmosphere steadies your nerve and revitalizes you to take on your challenging tasks with gusto. Such oils are easily available with natural lifestyle retailers.

4. Eye pillows

You need a good night’s rest to fight blood related ailments. With so many thoughts running across our mind while sleeping, it becomes impossible to catch a peaceful sleep. For people, who typically feel a headache or migraine at the end of the day, it is best to consider a relaxing eye pillow. Drawing its existence from the Vedic tradition, these eye pillows can help ease migraines, headaches, and eye puffiness.

An automated relaxing treatment that works while you sleep, doesn’t it sounds too good to believe?Therefore, get one for yourself from a lifestyle online shopping website and see the difference in your pressure levels.

The above four natural ways will keep your blood pressure levels in check and protect you from various other fatal diseases including heart attacks, strokes, etc. Be balanced, be natural.

Refresh Your Life With a Splash of Herbal Tea!

Refresh Your Life With a Splash of Herbal Tea!

From the short breaks you take from work to the times when you feel sad and need a warm beverage to pull you through, tea forms an integral part of our daily routine. Whether or whether not you’re much of a tea drinker, drinking herbal tea offers a plethora of health benefits to your body. The natural compounds known as poly phenols in the green tea help protect several cancers as well as keep you away from fatal heart diseases and strokes.

Let’s take a look at a few more vital reasons to consider including tea in your daily diet.

1. Improves functionality– Research suggests that people who drink tea notice more improvements in mood, concentration and performance as compared to those who do not consume tea. You should consider keeping an eye out for a classic Ayurvedic herbal tea to help energize your mind and body. Such teas are proven to work wonders in reducing stress and mental fatigue.

2. Health-oriented benefits– Not known to many, but tea is considered one of the best beverages to help you protect your body against diseases. Some of the other evidence states that tea also helps control the blood pressure fluctuation and therefore, helps ease the body of tension and anxiety. Try a natural tea made from herbs and spices, as it works as a mental health therapy and is considered extremely effective for a good mental health.

3. Heals indigestion– Tea has been known to be extremely good for indigestion for many years. A good herbal tea helps soothe your stomach off any burning sensation, indigestion or even heart burns. While purchasing teas, always look for teas that are specifically brewed to ease your problems. For instance, a tea like, Paachan Digest Tisane, has incredible properties to heal acidity and bring about a balance in your digestive system.

4. Detoxifies your body– With every passing day, your body goes through a lot of pollution and adulteration. Consuming tea on a daily basis helps bring about the introduction of antioxidants in your body, protecting it from aging as well as cleansing your body internally. A well-cleansed body assures a healthy sleep.

5. Promotes weight loss– All you weight conscious people, here is something to hold your interest. Firstly, understand the fact that tea does not have any calories. Of course, if you do not add any sweetener or milk. Therefore, make it a habit to always consider tea before opting for any other beverage, as you will certainly benefit on the calorie front.

Embracing an organic lifestyle and natural therapies will help you lead a healthy life. Make sure the choices you make are in sync with the nature, as nature is considered as the best therapy tools.


Time To Switch to Organic Skin Care

Taking the eco-friendly path has become more or less the ‘in’ thing. Nonetheless, when it comes to a skin care routine, organic beauty products are the hot new trend. When it comes to skin, there are a whole stack of reasons as to why organic skin care products are something that you should opt for. We’ve listed a few reasons that will tell you why you need to opt for organic skin care:

1. Scientifically proved healthy- Expert researchers in the field of skin care hold the theory that your skin absorbs 60% of anything you apply. This means using synthetic cosmetic products will have your skin soak in all the chemicals that could lead to an allergic reaction.

2. Assures a natural approach- People with sensitive skin find it difficult to adjust to any and every skin care product. That’s when organic products come into the picture, as they are known to be much gentler when compared to the host of conventional products available in the market.

3. Offers skin solutions- Another benefit of making the switch to organic products is that they offer skin solutions that no artificially manufactured product can compete with. They have been recognized to nourish your skin, fight the signs of aging, and give a natural glow at the same time.

4. Easily available online- The organic skin care sect is gaining momentum slowly yet steadily; however, you could get your hands on some of the best natural bathing soaps, organic body wash gels, organic moisturizing cream online.

5. Know more, do more- When making the switch to organic skin care line, be sure to learn enough about what are some of the ingredients that are good for your skin. To give you a head start, opt for products that are gluten-free, vegan and 100% organic.

Each one of us wants to protect our body from harmful ingredients; therefore, it is important to get into the habit of reading product labels. The innumerable brands available in the market make it difficult to choose a particular variety. However, whatever band you pick, make it a point to treat your skin with the best organic products available. Buy an organic moisturizing cream to ensure your skin stays in harmony with the nature.

Always remember, being proactive rather than reactive is a better choice, especially when it comes to caring for your skin. A supple and smooth complexion is what you should aim for. Stay simple, stay warm. It’s time for you to go organic for a beautiful you- Today, tomorrow and always!

Always remember, being proactive rather than reactive is a better choice, especially when it comes to caring for your skin. Go organic for a beautiful you!